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How To Choose A Reliable Herb Supplier To Benefit Your Business

When you get started as a TCM practitioner, one of the first things to figure out is where you’ll acquire the herbs for your practice. This might mean identifying a preferred herb supplier whose products you’ll return to purchase again and again, because you know you can trust their quality and safety.

Most retailers and distributors don’t make their own products. Instead, they get their herbs from wholesale providers who manufacture their merchandise in-house or purchase goods directly from outside manufacturers. Your go-to herbal company should meet a variety of criteria, including:

Authentic ingredients
Ethical sourcing practices
cGMP compliance
Rigorous quality assurance measures
Modern manufacturing processes
Whether you’re a new practitioner or an established practitioner who is planning for growth, you might ultimately decide to use herbal products from a wholesale supplier like Health Wisdom for your practice.

Herb Suppliers Are Specialists
The Health Wisdom story begins five generations ago. Since 1892, this family business has specialized in the art and science of producing authentic, safe and effective herbal products. We combine traditional knowledge (pao zhi) with state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities and modern, industry-leading quality control to ensure all supplements are the best on the market.

Wholesale Herb Suppliers Save You Time
Purchasing from a wholesale herb supplier or their distributors can save time in two ways. First, this can save time because a wholesale supplier is already warehousing inventory, compared with ordering from a manufacturer that may need to make the product before shipping it. Second, purchasing from a wholesaler can reduce the frequency with which you need to replenish your herbal inventory. Making larger volume wholesale purchases is faster and more convenient than buying smaller quantities more often. This can save time so you can focus on patient care.

Unsure how to store a wholesale order to make sure it lasts? Read our tips for storing Chinese herbs correctly to preserve the quality and efficacy of Health Wisdom products while you work through a larger inventory.

Herb Suppliers Can Make You More Eco-Friendly
Buying wholesale herbs doesn’t just save time — it can also help to save the environment. Bulk herbs come in less packaging, which means that each purchase has a smaller carbon footprint and less waste material ends up in landfills. Bulk purchasing also streamlines the transportation required for delivery, helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

At Health Wisdom Herbs, we take our responsibility to the planet seriously. Many herbs that were once cultivated organically now face threats to their safety and integrity from exposure to chemicals and industrial runoff. We guard against these threats by working with farmers who employ sustainable growing and harvesting practices, and we submit all raw materials to a series of tests for contaminants. We also refuse to use endangered species of any sort in our herbal products.

Herb Suppliers Expand Your Access
An established wholesale herb supplier has a network of trusted sources distributed over a larger geographical area. They obtain their raw materials from farmers and suppliers who have been vetted and whose goods have passed a series of meticulous tests and inspections. Purchasing from a wholesale supplier gives you access to a large network, more products and an existing logistical structure that you wouldn’t be able to access otherwise. This can be particularly beneficial if you’re located in a small city.

Our manufacturing facility in Taiwan, KP, takes pride in setting the industry standard for ethical sourcing, superior manufacturing practices and strict testing standards. Learn more about our quality assurance measures here.

Herb Suppliers Help You Minimize Risk
To be successful, a wholesaler must offer high-quality products, ship deliveries on time and maintain positive relationships with its customers. The wholesaler also takes on the burden of vetting potential suppliers and managing supply chain logistics. This is all good news for you and your practice. You can feel confident that you’ll receive products that meet a high quality standard, so you can prescribe them to your patients without worry. This helps you minimize your own risk and ensures your business continues to run smoothly.

We know safety is a top priority for practitioners. Your patients trust you to provide TCM remedies that enhance their health and well-being, and you trust the Health Wisdom team to provide the safe and authentic herbal products that make that possible. We never take that trust for granted.

Herb Suppliers Allow the TCM Practice to Grow With Ease
If all goes well, your practice will establish a solid foothold in your market and build a following. Now it’s time to expand. Purchasing from a wholesale herb supplier makes it easy to grow your TCM practice when the opportunity arises. Simply increase the size of your orders from your local distributor and that’s it — you don’t have to waste time buying more small quantities from retailers or finding new sources for your products. A wholesale supplier can meet your business’ changing needs at every stage of growth.

When you’re ready to take your TCM business to the next level, consider starting your own line of supplements. Health Wisdom’s OEM services can produce custom formulas to your specifications, complete with your own labeling. This is a powerful way to differentiate your brand and set your practice up for long-term success.

Health Wisdom Herbs — A Partner You Can Trust
When you choose Health Wisdom Herbs as your wholesale herb supplier, you can trust that you’re not only supporting your business and helping to sustain the environment, but you’re also receiving high-quality products backed by over 100 years of industry experience. We believe in offering the finest Chinese herbs to our customers. Because we directly source our raw materials and process them in-house, we can deliver on that belief.

To find out more about our wholesale services and our network of distributors, we invite you to contact the Health Wisdom team today.
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