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How To Storage Chinese Herb? Tips For You

Once you receive your premium herbal products from Health Wisdom Herbs, it is essential that you store them properly in order to maintain optimal freshness. Correct storage of Chinese herbs helps to preserve the quality and efficacy of the formulas you purchase, ensuring your patients receive the greatest benefits from your prescriptions. Proper storage also helps to reduce the operating costs of your TCM practice by avoiding unnecessary spoilage.

The primary causes of the degradation of Chinese herbs are oxygen, sunlight, heat, moisture and time. The following tips will help you limit these factors and maintain the potency of your Health Wisdom products.

Store Dry Formulations in a Cool, Dark Place
Herbal products that are completely dry should be kept in a cool, dark, well-ventilated place that’s free from excessive moisture. Do not store Chinese herbs in direct sunlight or an area that’s exposed to steam or heat. The room should ideally maintain a steady temperature throughout the year. Storage in this kind of environment will lessen the likelihood of mold or a pest infestation occurring.

Store Sticky Formulations in a Refrigerator
Some formulations contain moist, sticky ingredients like red dates. These products require refrigeration to ensure they do not spoil. Your refrigerator should be kept in a sanitary condition and maintained at a consistent temperature. If you are unsure about the ingredients of your formulas or appropriate storage methods, one of our expert in-house herbalists can advise you.

Keep Track of Best By Dates
Different formulas have different shelf lives, depending on the specific ingredients. Monitoring the age of your herbs by regularly taking stock of your inventory is an important habit to develop. All Health Wisdom products are clearly marked with best by dates. Any labels you add to your own storage containers should also indicate the best by dates so you can easily manage and dispose of your herbs as required. Products that pass their best by date can be sent back to Health Wisdom for proper disposal.

Organize Your Inventory Efficiently
Effective inventory management is only possible with a well-organized storage system. We recommend storing newer products in the back and older products in the front. This arrangement encourages the use of products that are closer to their best by date before products that are fresher and will last longer. This method is sometimes known by the acronym FIFO, which stands for “First In, First Out.”

Health Wisdom Herbs — Your Source for Premium Herbs and Industry Advice
Having the highest quality herbs is a goal all TCM practitioners should strive for. As a family business with five generations of history, we have observed both good and bad industry practices and are eager to share our knowledge with practitioners around the world. Proper storage and inventory management help take the stress out of running your business and ensure your patients have the best possible experience with your practice. Contact the Health Wisdom team to learn more about our products, services and resources for expanding your knowledge about the TCM industry.
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