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32 Cupping Therapy Set Vacuum Cupping Cup Body Massager Suction Cups Chinese Medicine Physiotherapy Vacuum Cups Heathy Care

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About the Product:

1. The suction pressure of cupping set provided by vacuum cupping set can loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, and sedate the nervous system.
2. Cupping Set is a form of alternative medicine in which cups are placed on the skin to create suction in order to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation and activate lymphatic drainage ( remove toxins from your body ).
3. This vacuum cupping therapy set is easy to be handled and safer to be used for self-treatment at home. Easily use pressure release valves. Equipped with removable bio magnetic points.
4. Strong, superior grade cupping set with pistol grip suction pump gun and 24 cups in 7 various sizes made from light, break-resistant plastic.
5. Cupping therapy sets are used to relieve back, neck and leg pains, stiff muscles,relieve anxiety, fatigue, migrane, rheumatism and even cellulite.


1. Attractive design and durable, firm and collision proof material.
2. Transparent body: easy to adjust the inside pressure, and inner treatment are can be seen clearly.
3. Safe and good sealing: smooth circular arc cup edge enlarges the area connecting with skin, which confirm the best sealing.
4. 7 Cup Sizescan fit all the body parts.
5. Easy operation: fire and electricity are not needed, safe and reliable, easy operation.

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