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Beauty Red Light Therapy Machine 660nm 850nm Infared Led Photon Skin Rejuvenation Face Lamp Anti Aging Tightening Anti-Wrinkle

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Beauty Red Blue Light Therapy Machine Photon Skin Rejuvenation Face Lamp Anti Aging Firming Lifting Tightening Toning Wrinkles 

Name: LED Beauty lamp
Product Color: White
Light Color: red and blue
Light Size: 9.2*9cm
Stand base size: 42cm
Type: Therapy Light

The red light wavelength is absorbed by skin tissue in a higher proportion, making it particularly effective in promoting skin health and increasing collagen production. Red light wavelength has strong penetration ability and can go deep into tissues, joints and tissues.

1. Increases Blood Circulation
Increases oxgen flow and speeds up themetabolic processes.
2. Improve skin problems
Effectively improve skin problems, such as acne, anti-aging, wrinkle and firming skin. 
3. Drug Free ,No Side-effects
Best target put on back,near to face , shoulders ,abdomen and leg.
4. How to Use?
10-20 minutes every time and 5-10 times every week according your body require.

Package Included:
1 x LED Beauty lamp
1 x Stand base
1 x Plug Cable(EU/US/AU/UK Plug)

Matters needing attention:
1. The irradiation distance shall be subject to the feeling of comfort.
2. Do not look directly at the infrared bulb with your eyes.
3. Keep away from all kinds of inflammables, and pay attention toventilation and heat dissipation of equipment.
4. When in use, the temperature is high. Do not touch the open înfrared bulb with your hand. Do not wipe the hot bulb to avoid damaging the special IR-A coating on the bulb surface.



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