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Eletric Heating Knee Pads Shoulder Protection for Joint Pain 40-70℃ Hot Compress Physiotherapy Blood Circulation Rehabilitation

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Type A:only heating


1.The temperature can be adjusted in multiple gears from 45 ° to 70 °, with an increase or decrease of 5 degrees per touch, Can allow users to experience a temperature that is more suitable for their body.
2. The 3000mAh polymer lithium battery has a high-end 70 ° C range and can be used for a long time for 70-80 minutes, with higher cost-effectiveness.
3. Knee pads, elbow pads, and shoulder pads are used in multiple areas, truly achieving one machine with multiple uses.
4. Durable hook resistant fabric, with strong adhesion even after 200 pulls.
5. Double stitching technology, with a simple and elegant appearance, is more popular among users.
6. The new controller has a 3-digit display and can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature digital displays (while touching the heating button and timing button for 5 seconds)


Battery capacity: 3000mah
Six gear temperature: 40 ℃ -45 ℃ - 50 ℃ - 55℃ - 60 ℃
Length of long strap: 68cm
Short strap length: 30cm
Length of charging line: 100cm
Working voltage: 5V
Working current: 1550mA
Package size: 18.3 * 13.2 * 8.2

Packing List

1* Heated shoulders
1* Extension strap
1* User Manual

Type B:tens massage+heating


1. Heating temperature: The highest grade is 70 degrees, with strong heating, which can meet the temperature requirements of different usage scenarios.
2. 5-speed temperature adjustment, starting from 50 degrees, with each touch of the upshift button increasing by 5 degrees. A total of 4 touches can be adjusted to the highest gear of 70 degrees
3. EMS features three modes, each with 9 adjustable levels from weak to strong. Based on the different muscle capacities of the human body, it provides electrotherapy massage with the most comfortable force that the user can accept.
4. The appearance is simple and clean, suitable for foreign aesthetic colors. It is ergonomically cut and can be used in three areas of the human body that require hot compress, including the shoulders, elbows, and knees.


Battery capacity: 4000mAh/14.8wh
Charging current: 1.8 mA
Charging time: 2-3 hours
Charging and discharging frequency: 500 Cycles
Working voltage: 5V - Volt
Working current (highest heating gear): 1850 mA
Standby current: 0.1 mA
Range: Massage (highest gear): 14.2 hours
Heating (highest gear): 110-130 Min
EMS+heating (highest gear) 90-120 Min
Specification of heating module: Carbon fiber bare heating wire: 3 1R/M
Heating module specification Working voltage: 5V
Module life (continuous operation): 1000 hours


1* Knee pads (including controller)
1* USB Charging Cable
1* English User Manual
1 * Long extension strap
1 * Short extension strap
4 * Electrode patches
1 * Electrode cable

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