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Jade Moxibustion Tool Handle Gourd Moxa Roll Burner Warm Body Massage Burning Chinese Herbal Medicine Penetrates Meridians

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This moxibustion appliance is made of natural aspen wood without any paint.

  • Gourd shape with long handle, easy to use.

  • You can put the jade ring pad on the navel, and then burn moxa roll, put the moxibustion equipment on it. It has a very good effect for regulating gastrointestinal discomfort of human and irregular menstruation of women.

  • Diameter range of moxa roll used : 12mm~18mm, the following products can be used in this moxibustion tool.
  • Moxa stick pusher can instead of manual push moxa stick, please see pusher's working principle.
  • 1. After moxibustion, some patients will appear fatigue, dizziness, fatigue, tinnitus and other symptoms, which are mostly normal phenomena. At this time, appropriate rest is needed, and most can be relieved after rest.

    2. Avoid the wind and keep warm after moxibustion, but also pay attention to indoor ventilation, close doors and Windows for a long time, indoor air quality will become worse, and strengthen the chance of heat feeling to a certain extent;

    3. After the completion of moxibustion, it is recommended to drink warm water in an appropriate amount, and 60℃ is appropriate. In the process of moxibustion, there will be different degrees of sweating.

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