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Jin Tan Que She 金坛雀舌 Green Tea SPARROW'S TONGUE Tea

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Jin Tan Que She Green Tea is a premium variety of Chinese green tea. It is renowned for its rich, nutty flavor and exquisite floral aroma. Produced in the mountains of Hunan, China, it is partially fermented to give it its unique flavor, making it a popular choice among tea connoisseurs.

Tea Name:Jin Tan Que She 金坛雀舌
Taste:Its taste is soft and smooth, not bitter and not causing dryness on tongue. Thus, children as well as the person with very sensitive stomach could also enjoy this Tea. Some of my customers also brew this Tea in cold water. It will be very refreshing flavor. This Tea is a great choice for those who enjoy a subtle and clear beverage. This Tea has a slight grassy fragrance; its refreshing vegetal aroma gives way to hints of asparagus and bamboo.
Appearance:Jintan Que She as a green Tea, it only contains 30% caffeine level as a same size standard coffee. This Tea looks so beautiful when it is brewed in a long glass. While steeping, each bud absorbs the water and restore its original three dimensional contour. The bud is vivid yellowish green and tends to float upright in the water. It looks like the algaes in the sea. You can enjoy the mini aquarium in your glass.
Origin:Jiangsu Province
Storage: Keep in cool, dry and no light place


Brewing Guide:Hot brew: Recommended use around 300ml spring water for brewing 3-5 grams of Tea. We recommend you to apply glass cup or white porcelain gaiwan to brew this Tea. To reach ideal temperature, just let boiling water rest and cool down for around 3-4 minutes. You can repeat brewing up to 3 times for the same Tea.
Cold brew: Measure 1 table spoons of Tea leaves for 500ml of water. Pour the water into a glass jar or bottle and leave it for more than 1 hour. Gently sway the container in order to get an even concentration. Usually the taste of Tea gets thicker when it is brewed for more than a few hours. In this case, pour in additional water.

Que She, literally Sparrow's Tongue, being composed only of buds and a single partially unfurled leaf, embodies a rare delicacy. Only buds of best shape, best colour and best aroma qualify to be used in production of Sparrow Tongue. Que She is full of surprises - its taste is delicate and soothing, yet the brew is powerful and extremely energizing. Que She should be found in the collection of each real Tea connoisseur. The Tea is gathered and processed exclusively by hand. Que She is picked early in spring. The process of Jin Tan Que She is accomplished with the shaping and drying processes. The tender buds are pan-fried using hand movement to shape the bud into its distinctive appearance that looks like the sword.

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