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Mini Moxibustion Stick Moxa Therapy Human Body Acupoint Meridian Warm Massage Health Care Medications Penetrate Through Heat

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100% natural mugwort with high quality
  • Chinese traditional packed moxa sticks are used for indirect moxa heat treatment.

  • Activate blood circulation, relieving rheumatism and cold.

  • Eliminating pathogens from the body and so on.

  • Pain and stress relief.

  • Helping to ease the cold of uterus so as to relieve menstrual cramps.

  • Replenishing energy and spirit.

  • Maintaining the spleen and stomach.

  • Improving indigestion and other symptoms.

  • Range of application: Periarthritis, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar and leg pain, osteoarthritis, disc bulge, epigastric pain, cold, cough, facial paralysis and dysmenorrhea.

  • Moxa stick's size: 38x7mm

  • Quantity: Oridnary box(50pcs); Gift box(60Pcs)

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