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Perfect Make up brushes 8pcs Glacier Blue Blush Powder Eyeshadow Foundation brush Pencil Plastic handle

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Ships From: CHINA

Story :

1. This kit inspiration from a glacier that has been sleeping for 200,000 years--Moreno Glacier. The long years created its unique blue.

2. Moreno kit like a dreamy blue color of a glacier in the sun; Brush handle is similar to the irregular shape produced by the glacier ice fall, special and shine your eyes .

3. The ice crack pattern is like the most beautiful bloom of the glacier, can bring coolness to us; Pure color bristle is crafted cruelty-free and soft, like summer wind soft-touching your skin.

4. Glaciers are beautiful and fragile, let it cool !

Product introduction:

1. Concealer Brush

A flexible ,synthetic-fibre flat brush with a slightly pointed tip for the precise application and blending of all concealer formulas and other emollient products.

2. Blending brush

Tapered Tip allows for the more controlled application and blending of powder. Provides for a sheer color-washed effect on eyes.

3. Tapered Powder

Apply powder, blush or contour shades, tapered shape gives exact placement of product.

4. Powder Brush

This brush is ideally shaped to apply loose and pressed powder. Before application, gently flick the brush with your thumb and index finger to remove excess powder, then deposit the product where desired.

5. Blush Brush

Perfect for blush and contour.Used to create a touch of color and definition.

6. Eyeshadow

Apply with Precise concealer.Good for exact placement of concealer on harder to reach areas such as around the eyes.

7. Pencil

Used at the lash line, this brush is also utterly suitable for smudging soft kohl or selectively applying eye shadow on the lower lash line for a particularly expressive look.

8. Liner Brush

Detailed application of eyeshadow.

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