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Pleurotus Ostreatus, Oyster Mushroom, Hiratake, Ping Gu 平菇

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Buy Dried Pleurotus Ostreatus, Oyster Mushroom, Hiratake, Ping Gu 平菇 Online Direct From China. The uses of the Oyster Mushroom are evidently varied, ranging from the kitchen and the farm, to pharmacies and industries where its potential is yet to be exploited.  Contact Us To Buy  More Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Tea (中藥材 TCM yao cai) at the best price online Direct From China Herbal Tea Supplier.

Product Description:

  • Product Name: Dried Oyster mushroom
  • Latin Name: Pleurotus Ostreatus
  • Common Name: Hiratake
  • Chinese Name: 平菇 ping gu
  • Origin: Jilin Province,China
  • Package: Bag
  • Storage: Keep in cool, dry and no light place

Read More Info. About It (In English):

This is also known as Pleurotus Ostreatus is close relative to the King Oyster mushroom. Other names that have been used to refer to this mushroom are Tree Oyster, Oyster Shelf, Straw Mushroom and Tamogitake. The Japanese on the other hand call it Hiratake, which Means the 'flat mushroom'.
It is grows wildly in forests found in sub-tropical and temperate climates. It is saprotrophic and is responsible for decomposing deciduousia close the Beech tree. Amazingly, this mushroom is also carnivorous. Its victim is the nematode, an animal that is itself There is a healthy way to control a pest without using a chemical pesticide. The Oyster mushroom is thought to obtain its nitrogen from the nematodes that it devours.
The Oyster Mushroom as a Dish
It is cooked in soups, soy sauce and other dishes. Often, it makes its own dish. Its taste is mild and it smells like anise. It is picked young for the kitchen because When it becomes tougher as it grows and its taste and flavor deteriorate. In India, and especially Kerala, the Oyster Mushroom is farmed extensively and the people there make a wide range of dishes from it. Hay in clear polythene bags and shed spores within layers of hay. It is said to be the easiest to grow. The mushroom is said to have Arabitol, a sugar that can be a cause of gastrointestinal upset to some people.
Other Uses of the Oyster Mushroom
According to Natalie Rodriguez This Old House magazine, the Oyster Mushroom can make insulation and packaging material. Although not yet done on a large scale, this potential is recommended in this era of environmental consciousness. And according to this website, the Oyster mushroom can disintegrate disposable It may be able to do the same to oil spills and absorb it. This could revolutionize the safety of marine life. This should be of interest to BP!
Medicinal Properties of the Oyster Mushroom
Poleurotus ostreatus - the Oyster mushroom, Hiratake, píng gū, Pleurotus oyster Mushroom has statins and lovastatins that help in expanding cholesterol in the body. Cholesterol as a word was formed from the Greek language. Chole means bile; stereos means solid; Ol is a suffix derived from the word alcohol
The good standard is the high density lipoprotein, HDL, while the bad cholesterol is the low density lipoprotein, LDL. It is possible to know the level of each through a blood test . LDL is deemed bad because as it moves along with the blood, it leaves deposits on the walls of blood vessels. Gradually it forms a kind of plaque that narrows down the blood vessels. This condition is called atherosclerosis. Within the narrowed vessels that the person is likely to suffer a heart attack or even a stroke.
HD, on the contrary is thought to clear some of the LDL ferrying it to liver for disposal. The Oyster Mushroom has been lovastatin, a cholesterol lowering agent. It is in the category called animals stat statins. Lovastatins were identified in the 1970s. , Tests on high risk patients proved successful and in 1987 the US FDA approved it.
Medical, and particularly the American Heart Association recommend that people should have a cholesterol check. The association says it is important that every person over 20 years of age has a Lipid Profile. This is a simple blood test to establish the level of bad cholesterol in A person going for the cholesterol check needs to fast for a period of between 9-12 hours to ensure that the fat picked up is really the one established in the blood.
The Oyster Mushroom also has some bacteria fighting substances. In 1950, pleuromutillin, an antibiotic developed from the mushroom, was found to kill various bacteria including the bacterium salmonella. Pseudomonas is another bacterium that pleuromutillin was able to wipe out. A more recent research, (Stamets, 2005) found that Pleurotus ostreatus, which are extracted from the Oyster Mushroom, are able to weaken the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. From a concentration of 100 000 000 per millilitre, the bacterial degradation dropped to a mere 1 000 per Millilitre within a span of 24-72 hours.
The Oyster Mushroom has the scent of anise because it has benzaldehyde. Benzaldehyde is an organic compound which is widely sought for industrial use. Martres, a Frenchman and pharmacist, was the first to extract this compound from a natural plant. He did that in 1803 . Of, in 1832, two German chemists, Friedrich Wohler and Justus von Liebig, synthetic it. Because of its nice scent, pharmaceuticals use it a lot.
The uses of the Oyster Mushroom are evidently varied, ranging from the kitchen and the farm, to pharmacies and industries where its potential is yet to be exploited.

A Video About Health Benefits of Oyster Mushrooms,just watch it:

Read More Info. About It (In Chinese 中文介绍):

平菇含丰富的营养物质,每百克于品含蛋白质20—23 克,而且氨基酸成分种类齐全,矿物质含量十分丰富。
中医认为平菇性温、味甘。具有驱风散寒、舒筋活络的功效。用于治腰腿疼痛、手足麻木、筋络不通等病症。 平菇中的蛋白多糖体对癌细胞有很强的抑制作用,能增强机体免疫功能。1. 平菇含有抗肿瘤细胞的硒、多糖体等物质,对肿瘤细胞有很强的抑制作用,且具有免疫特性;2. 平菇含有的多种维生素及矿物质可以改善人体新陈代谢、增强体质、调节植物神经功能等作用,故可作为体弱病人的营养品,对降低血胆固醇和防治尿道结石也有一定效果,同时对妇女更年期综合症可起调理作用。

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