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Rou Gui 肉桂 Wu Yi Oolong Tea Fujian Cassia Wulong Tea

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Wu Yi Oolong tea produces a variety of flavor notes due to the high level of oxidation and traditional crafting methods. Rou Gui oolong tea is naturally sweet, with a nutty and caramel flavor profile. This tea has a long-lasting sweet aftertaste and a light smokey finish. Enjoy the bright, roasted notes of this Wu Yi specialty.

Tea Name:Rou Gui 肉桂 Wu Yi Yan Cha
Other names: Cassia Oolong, Wu Yi Cassia Oolong, Bohea Cassia, Yu Gui, Jade Cassia Oolong
Taste:A warm and sweet Tea with cassia bark like aromatics which is so good that you will be captivated before you even drink the Tea. The cups of Tea from the first infusion have a cassia-like taste and fragrance while later infusions are floral sweet.
Appearance: Traditional looking Oolong Tea. Dark and slightly curled Tea leaves.
Origin:Wuyishan City,Fujian
Storage: Keep in cool, dry and no light place

Brewing Guide:We recommend using Chinese Yixing (purple clay) or porcelain Tea ware. Rinse Tea cup and Teapot with hot water. Fill the Teapot 1/2 to 3/4 full with Tea leaves, or 2 grams of Tea leaves for every 150ml of water if you are not using Yixing Teapot. Steep Tea leaves in hot water at 100°c (212°F) for 1 minute for the first and second brewing. Gradually increase steeping time for subsequent brewing.

Rou Gui is the latest Tea added to Wu Yi's famous five bushes (previously only four consisting of Tie Luo Han, Shui Jin Gui, Da Hong Pao and Bai Ji Guan; referred to as Si Da Ming Cong). All these Teas originate from Mount Wuyi in Northern Fujian of China. They are also called Yan Cha (Rock Tea) due to the pristine rocky areas where the Tea bushes grow. In the early 80s, Rou Gui growing area is only a few Mu (6 acres = 1 Mu) but has increased to 30,000 Mu today, a testament to its quality and popularity.

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