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10/50pcs Screw Slot Micro Needle Pen Electric Derma Pen 9pin /12pin /36pin /nano/3D Needles Cartridges for Face Skin Hair Growth

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10/50pcs Screw Slot Micro Needle Pen Electric Derma Pen 9pin /12pin /36pin /nano/3D Needles Cartridges for Face Skin Hair Growth

Suitable for Derma Pen

1. Type: Screw Slot

You just need to replace the cartridge when you are finished using it, which is very convenient to use.

2. 11 types pin needle Cartridges

These 10/50pcs 12pin/36pin/nano pin/3D head/42pin/7pin/3pin/5pin/1pin/24pin/9pin cartridges are disposable replacement parts. It is more economical, you only need to replace the cartridge after each use.

3. One Time Use

The replacement cartridge is single use, please do not use them with others. You can take out a new one before each use. If you opened or used the cartridge, it is not returnable (except for quality problems). you can change the different cartridges depending on your demand.

4. Safe Design

These cartridges are individually sealed and packaged for optimal safety and comfort.

5. Easy to Carry

The individually packaged cartridge design can be conveniently placed in your cosmetic bag for easy carrying.



How to distinguish between Screw Slot and bayonet?

You can check the port of the machine pen. If the inside of the head is spiral, the needle that is screwed in through the screw is a screw-type needle.

If your machine is not a screw type, it is usually a type that requires a needle to be inserted directly into the pen. It is a Bayonet port. Please purchase it from other links in my shop.




How to choose?

Suitable for beauty salons/professional beauticians: cosmetic contact line, mist eyebrows, etc. (1pin, 3pin, 5pin, 7pin)

Sensitive, thin skin of the cuticle, lips and normal care (Square 3D pin)

Rejuvenating foundation filling (Round nanopin, 36pin)

Water light essence nutrition introduction (Round nanopin, 12pin, 36pin, 42pin)

MTS (9pin, 12pin, 36pin, Round nanopin):

9pin---used for local severe acne, scars, stretch marks, obesity lines

12pin---used for large pores, acne pits, bump holes, acne marks, deep spots, wrinkle lifting, nasolabial folds

36pin---used for ordinary skin care, whitening and moisturizing, spot removal, eye bags, crow's feet, softer than 12pin

Round nanopin----suitable for sensitive and thin stratum corneum skin, daily care, whitening and hydrating, red blood streaks, dark circles, and yellowing. Nanopin is painless and non-invasive.


The above is for reference only, not as a guide for actual use. Each person's different situations have different products and different methods of use. Please choose the method that suits you.


Generally speaking, the more pins it has, the weaker the pain and the shorter the distance that can be entered.


The following microneedling pen are suitable for this type of needle, you can directly click on the picture to buy.









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