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Chinese herbal whitening anti-freckle kit 20g day and 20g night skin cream

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Ecological Spot Eliminating & Whitening Kit
Ecological Spot Eliminating & Whitening Day Cream
Major Ingredients: Ginseng, glossy ganoderma, aloe, amino acid, collagen, tanshinone, hyaeinth bletilla, witch hazel extract glue and horse chestnut extract etc.
Major Function: Restrain tyrosinase activity, prevent melanin formation, balance complexion, whiten skin, replenish collagen necessary for skin, effectively remove wrinkle, repair uneven skin, leave skin smooth and delicate, prevent early skin aging, repair skin flaws, replenish abundant aqua for skin, enhance skin elasticity, leave skin fair, refreshed and bright.
Instruction: After cleansing face on moming, apply appropnat absorbed ate amount of the product evenly on face, softly massage until completely absorbed.
Ecological Spot Eliminating & Whitening Night Cream
Major Ingredients: Ginseng, glossy ganoderma, aloe, angelico, tanshinone, hyaeinth bletilla, collagen growing enzyme, anti aging liposome SOD and hyaluronic acid etc.
Major Function: Tune up skin tissue status, expedite blood circulation of skin, promote skin metabolism and smoothen skin from inside to outside, resume skin elasticity, eliminate blotches, malar rash, freckle, speckle spots and comedo etc, It can also protect skin health in all-around way, deeply nourish skin, repair skin cells, replenish aqua and nutriment for skin, keep skin youth, firm up skin, and leave skin firm and elastic.
Instruction: After cleansing face at night, apply appropniate amount of the product evenly on face, softly massage until completely absorbed.

1. Please test the product effect on arms for 24 hours before applying the product, directly apply on face without any uncomfortable reaction. In case of any noticeable reddish, swelling and itching symptoms which happen to sensitive skin, don't apply the product
2. Some individuals may feel itching, hot or tight when applying the product, which is normal reaction for activating blood circulation and fading speckle, please stop application at once and these symptoms will disappear one week later. For those with serious above reaction, apply Dexamethasone on skin surface and take orally anti-allergy medicine after stopping application
3. The product should be put into cool and dry places without direct sunlit out of reach of children. Those with wounds and allergic skin, children, preg nursing women should not apply the product.

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