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Moxibustion Box Adjustable Temperature Moxa Heat Tank with Wearable Rope Moxa Box Pain Relief Moxa Cone Burner Warm Massager

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1. About Moxibustion

Moxibustion, also called moxa treatment, traditional medical practice that originated in China and thence spread to Japan and other Asian countries. It is performed by burning small cones of dried leaves on certain designated points of the body, generally the same points as those used in acupuncture.

The term moxibustion derives from the name of the wormwood plant most frequently used, Artemisia moxa, or (Japanese) A. mogusa. Acupuncture and moxibustion are sometimes used in combination for the treatment of disease and for anesthesia.

From ancient times, the Chinese believed that burning or heating certain points on the body increased circulation “full-bloodedness” and relieved pain. Generally, points near large blood vessels, eyes, and ears are treated by moxa, because acupuncture at these points is deemed inadvisable.

The process was developed in northern China and probably was first used to relieve the pains of rheumatism. In ancient times the points on the skin were actually blistered by burning, but now the areas to be stimulated are only warmed. Hot rods were replaced by rolled leaves of the mugwort, mulberry, ginger, and aconite plants.

2.The benefits of Moxibustion

1.warming meridians and dispelling cold is a common treatment for female patients with deficiency and cold constitution.

2. strengthening the body and nourishing the kidney qi are effective for the retention of urine, urinary incontinence, male prostatitis and female metrorrhagia. down, moxibustion can also treat headache and dizziness caused by liver fire inflammation.

3.Taboos of Moxibustion

1.Do not use the bad quality moxa , unhealthy to the body

2.Do not moxibustion if you eat too much or drink

3.Do not bathe for half an hour after moxibustion

4.Do not moxibuste after 9 p.m.

5.Moxibustion needs persistence, never give up halfway



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