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Perfect False Eyelashes,5 Pairs Fake Eyelashes Natural Cat Eye Lash Fluffy Wispy Short Volume Reusable Faux Mink Eyelashes FE502

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Styles Distinctive False Eyelashes :

5 different styles in these Perfect fake eyelashes including one with special wavy features, to help you create cute and personalized eye makeup looks.

With this false lashes set of individual collocations, you can be sure to achieve a beautiful, individualized eye makeup look!

Allowing you to express your personality through eye makeup.

High Quality and Comfortable:

Perfect fake lashes are made of faux mink eyelashes and flexible thin cotton or clear band, the fake eyelashes are super soft and wispy and light weight.

Multilayered design with natural curl that blend with your own lashes, feel like your own natural lashes. Help you to create a natural and more youthful look!

Clean Makeup :

Enhance and open up your eyes ,can make you feel more confident!

Light Makeup :

Created natural ,more youthful look!

Thick Makeup :

Enhance one of your best features! Shine all day long!

Durable and Reusable:

These Perfect 3D wispy false eyelashes fit any eye size and shape and are easy to wear and take off; These fake eyelashes can be reused up to 10-15 times with special care and storage.

How to apply Lashes ?

1. Check the fit. Trim the outer end if you required ;
2. Apply lash adhesive along length of band.
Wait 30 seconds for glue to become tacky;
3. Apply to lash line using fingers or lash applicator. Use light pressure and let Dry ;

How to remove Lashes ?

1.Dissolve glue along lash band using cotton swab + oil-free makeup remover ;
2. Remove lashes gently by hand;
3.Clean any excess glue from eyelashes using cotton swab + oil-free makeup remover;
4. Store lashes in clean, dry place;

Anime & Natural Looking False Eyelashes:

Enhance one of your best features! Shine all day long! False eyelashes are perfect for every occasion: daily work, wedding, dancing, party, vacation, night-out, cosplay, dates and gift choice on Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.

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