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Moxa Therapy Brass Moxibustion Rod Body Warm Acupoint Meridian Massage Brozen Copper Stick Health Care

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100% natural mugwort with high quality

Chinese traditional packed moxa sticks are used for indirect moxa heat treatment.

Activate blood circulation, relieving rheumatism and cold.

Eliminating pathogens from the body and so on.

Pain and stress relief.

Helping to ease the cold of uterus so as to relieve menstrual cramps.

Replenishing energy and spirit.

Maintaining the spleen and stomach.

Improving indigestion and other symptoms.

Range of application: Periarthritis, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar and leg pain, osteoarthritis, disc bulge, epigastric pain, cold, cough, facial paralysis and dysmenorrhea.

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